Rich Internet Apps


Rich Internet Apps

In the constantly changing technology world, the rich Internet applications (RIA) are becoming a new web standard due to the improved user experience and enhanced software performance.

RIAs completely transformed the user interface, making it more natural, more alive, more interactive and more responsive than traditional applications. Almost like they hear the user and talk back to him with the page elements. It’s a physical, audible and visual interaction.

All the software xSoft now develops, following the latest RIA technologies, has a great variety of user interface widgets such as:

  • Images, graphics, audios, videos
  • Tree menus, drag and drop functionalities, sliders, sort controls
  • Smooth sliding transitions, zoom effects, soft blurs, drop shadows
  • Intuitive navigation and smart content search
  • Different fonts, multiple languages and multiple currencies
  • Responsive design that is retina-ready

In the same time, RIAs run faster, reduce network and server overheads and take less bandwidth.

To be competitive in today’s business world, you need this kind of software that is way above mere reading and browsing. We are here to provide you with this highly intuitive software that will be seamlessly integrated with your core business elements and allow your users better experience.